All About Dental Fillings and How They Help Your Smile

All About Dental Fillings and How They Help Your Smile

Aug 10, 2018

Unfortunately, many people today have severe dental anxiety. Some of this anxiety stems from the fact that people have a fear of the unknown. They may not understand fully what goes on during different dental treatments including dental fillings and therefore feel fear which can grow over time.

Instead of confronting their fear, many of these people avoid the dentist for many years at a time. While they have accomplished their goal of avoiding their fear, they have also likely filled their mouth with various cavities and infections. There is more involved with proper dental care than a good oral routine. You need to see your dentist on a regular basis so that they can find and identify problems quickly so that you can spearhead the issue. Without a regular dental visit, dental cavities are likely.

Why You Need Dental Fillings

In as little as six months a small colony of bacteria can form a cavity in your tooth. This happens when the bacteria grow and feeds on the leftover food particles in your mouth. As it grows and feeds, the bacterium produces a harmful acid that slowly corrodes your tooth. What is left is a small hole in your tooth which needs to be filled in order to restore its integrity.

Also, if you ignore the cavity or the pain caused by the bacteria in your mouth, the situation can turn out much worse. In fact, once a cavity forms it will never heal without professional help. As time goes on, the cavity will begin to enlarge, and the damage can even reach the root of your tooth and the nerve that supplies sensation. The pain will gradually become worse and worse until the tooth is lost completely.

A simple visit to the dentist every 6 months can not only prevent this from happening in the first place but if it does happen your dentist can solve the issue before severe damage is done.

In essence, visiting the dentist more often will make every visit more pleasant. This is because regularly visiting your dentist can result in a cavity-free mouth and prevent any drilling in the future.

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