How the Solea Laser Can Make Your Trip to the Dentist Easier

How the Solea Laser Can Make Your Trip to the Dentist Easier

Jun 15, 2018

Dental phobia is nothing uncommon. Many people suffer from fear of the dentist that holds them back from getting the dental care they need when they ned it. Thanks to advances in technology, we’ve been given options like sedation dentistry, but now we have the next best thing. It is called the Solea Laser and it is going to make every trip to the dentist from here on out a lot easier.

What is the Solea Laser?

The Solea Laser is a piece of specialized equipment, computer-aided, CO2 laser system that replaces the dental drill we all know and despise. Solea can be used to replace the dental drill in procedures that target the gums and teeth, even simple cavities, and complex surgeries. Dental phobia is a thing of the past as it causes virtually no pain, noise, or vibrations, and some patients have even gone so far as to refuse anesthesia simply because they don’t need it.

What are the Benefits of the Solea Laser?

The most amazing benefit of Solea Laser is the lack of pain our patients feel after using it. Many would rather live with excruciating pain than have to come to the dentist and get the proper procedures done, but now they can come into our office without worrying about pain during or after their procedures.

  • Virtually pain-free and anesthesia-free
  • Practically noiseless
  • Blood-free and suture-free
  • Shorter healing period

If you suffer from dental phobia and are anxiously waiting for the latest and greatest in dental technology to be able to se the dentist again, the waIt is over. Give one of our offices in West Bloomfield or Taylor, MI, a call in order to schedule your very first appoint at Golnick Pediatric Dentistry.

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