Solea Laser Therapy

Golnick Pediatric Dentistry is one of only a handful of U.S. dental offices that offers Solea Laser Therapy. This pain-free, noiseless soft tissue treatment allows us to address all sorts of soft tissue lesions and other problems with little or no anesthesia, and minimal bleeding. With this innovative instrument, we can work anywhere inside the oral cavity with one tool. In minutes, our staff can perform a gingivectomy, frenectomy, canker sore treatment and more, without the use of a scalpel.

We know that young patients are sometimes nervous and something like laser therapy may fuel their anxiety more. That is why the Solea Laser is so great! It’s a needle-free method for our dental team to perform several soft tissue treatments that once required injections, sutures, and anesthesia.

Soft and Hard Tissue Laser

The revolutionary Solea laser removes tooth decay or treats gums in the case of periodontal disease. And since this is all done without any anesthesia or an injection, there is virtually no discomfort. In addition, there is also no noise or troubling vibrations that can upset children with sensory conditions.

Do Some Children Require Anesthesia?

In rare cases, it is required, but it is highly unlikely your child will need anesthesia. The soft tissue treatment is essentially pain-free. Therefore, even the most anxious kids should feel at ease. Anesthesia in readily available in case it is needed, but most children are fine without it. This means your child can leave the office and return to normal life without pain or numbness.

Dr. Jason Golnick

Dr. Jason Golnick

DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery)

Dr. Jason M. Golnick received his DDS degree and his MS degree in Pediatric Dentistry from the University of Michigan. He is a C.S. Mott Fellow in Pediatric Dentistry and has served as a adjunct clinical professor in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics at the University of Michigan, School of Dentistry. Dr. Jason Golnick is an active staff member of Oakwood Hospital and the Detroit Medical Center / Childrens Hospital of Michigan,


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