How your child feels about the first dental visit begins with you. Parents must prepare children by discussing what happens during that first visit and in the future. It is suggested that all kids should meet with a pediatric dentist at about age one. By making this activity for kids a positive experience from the start, you will set them up for a lifetime of good relationships with dental care providers.

How to Prepare Kids for Their First Dental Visit

Pediatric dental offices are usually very kid-friendly with an ample supply of activity sheets, games, toys, and other educational tools set in a bright, colorful, environment. Pediatric offices are designed to be comforting and fun. For example, at Golnick Pediatric Dentistry in Taylor and West Bloomfield, MI, we offer a fun playroom and Disney-themed exam rooms to make your child’s experience more comfortable. In addition, our entire staff is patient and supportive, so children always feel welcome and at ease during their visits.

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Consider the following tips to help ensure a positive first dentist visit for your child:

  • If you are taking a fussy infant, bring an adult friend or relative along to the exam.
  • Leave siblings at home; other kids can distract an infant and make the first visit more stressful.
  • Avoid scary words like “shots,” “injections,” “drills,” “bleeding,” or “needles.”
  • Provide clear and concise, positive explanations. Speak to your child on his or her level. Use positive language when discussing visits, dental care, and relationships with dentists and hygienists.

Explain what to expect by using child-friendly tools such as activity sheets and oral hygiene tips. Knowing the steps ahead of time can reduce or eliminate pediatric dental anxiety. You can calm your child by managing their expectations and making dental visits a fun experience!

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