7 Negative Side Effects of Healthy Drinks with Seeds

7 Negative Side Effects of Healthy Drinks with Seeds

Feb 24, 2019

One popular trend that has picked up recently has been the consumption of so-called healthy drinks with seeds. Here are a few side-effects you should know about these healthy drinks with seeds, before you infuse them in your daily consumption:

Sudden Drops in Blood Sugar

It has been observed by several experts, such as the ones at Golnick Pediatric Dentistry, that although these drinks may provide you with the necessary proteins or vitamins to get started with your day, they cannot be permanent replacements for sugar. Hence, if you have been consuming these drinks, you still have to ensure that there is a certain level of sugar consumed in your diet.

Seeds Get Stuck in Teeth

One of the biggest and yet the most ignored problems of consuming drinks with seeds is that the seeds often get stuck between the teeth. Since it is a juice, they often get stuck in the latter part of the mouth, where it is difficult to locate them and then get rid of them.

Potential Bacterial Infections

Just because a fruit is healthy, does not mean the seeds it carries are also healthy. As a matter of fact, many seeds have adverse effects on the body like bacterial infections.

Reduced Blood Pressure

Yes – reducing blood pressure to a certain degree is essential, but how would you know immediately that you have hit the minimum threshold? Some of these drinks can cause sudden drops in blood pressure, leading to unnecessary emergencies.


You have to understand that human body is not mean to digest seeds by any means. Hence, although the juice will navigate its way through your digestive system, the seeds will be a difficult for the same system.

Allergic Reactions

Since you are not a regular consumer of seeds, you would not know whether you have any allergies to the seeds. Hence, it only makes sense to avoid them as much as possible.

Gastrointestinal Discomfort

Finally – since their digestion can be complex and time consuming for your system, they are bound to cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

In conclusion, it only makes sense to consume the goodness of the juices by avoiding the unnecessary risks the seeds carry with them.

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