7 Tips for Managing Dental Phobia

7 Tips for Managing Dental Phobia

Oct 01, 2020

Studies show that about 20 percent of Americans are afraid of dentists. Most of them try to collect themselves and meet the expectations of two at least two dental visits per year. However, about 5-8 percent of Americans have serious dental phobia, and they end up canceling appointments.

Dental anxiety is triggered by various things, some of them including:

Loss of Control

We all love being in control, and some people can’t take looking helpless in a dental chair. While lying on the chair, you are in the dentist’s hands, and some people can’t stand the dentist hovering over their heads and probing inside their mouths. They feel trapped or helpless, which, to be honest, it’s not a good feeling.

Fear of Pain

Majority of people who fear dentists do it because of fear of pain. Maybe you visited a dentist while you were younger, and the experience was so painful it can’t get off your head. Maybe your friends have convinced you that dental procedures are very painful. That’s not the case, though. Dentistry has evolved, and almost all procedures are painless, thanks to sedation.


Some people are not very proud of their mouths, and they feel embarrassed when dentists are so close to them examining them. There are several things that can cause embarrassment, including bad breath, discolored teeth, missing teeth, and enlarged gums. You should not be embarrassed, though. Dentists have seen it all, and they are there to help you treat them.

Past Experience

Maybe you got mistreated or judged in a certain dental clinic and concluded all dental clinics are the same. We want to assure you that dentists are different, and you should not let that one moment define how you see dentists. Book an appointment with us if you require a West Bloomfield pediatric dentist, and you will see the difference.

Aesthetic Side Effects

Sedation helps relieve pain during dental procedures, but they come with a few side effects. Some people don’t like these side effects, which makes them fear the dentist. If that’s the case, you can always talk to the dentist, and you will figure out something.

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

If you have been struggling with dental anxiety, don’t panic because there are things you can do to overcome the fear. These things include:

Understand the Cause of Your Anxiety

To treat a problem, you must recognize the root cause. Take your time and write down the reasons why you fear dentists. Knowing your fears will help you overcome them and explain them to your dentist.

Find the Perfect Dentist

When you have the right dentist, you will feel more at ease. You can communicate with him without fears and speak out when you feel uncomfortable. To get the right dentist, get recommendations from your friends or family. Additionally, you can do some research online to get the right dentist. You can talk to us if you require a pediatric dentist in West Bloomfield.

Communicate with Your Dentist

Communication is the key to any relationship. Even before the procedure, talk to your dentist and vocal your fears and anxieties. That way, the dentist will know how to handle you during the treatment. You can establish some signals that you will use if things get too uncomfortable.

Come with a Companion

Having a friend, relative, or partner during the appointment provides extra support, which you really need at a time like this. Be sure to go with someone who does not fear dentists. That way, the companion will make you feel more comfortable.

Practice Relaxation Technique

There are various relaxation techniques that you can try when you feel too uncomfortable. One of the most used techniques is deep breaths. Breathe in slowly and breathe out to will slow your heartbeat and relax the muscles.

Use Distractions

One of the best distractions you can try is listening to music during the procedure. Carry your iPod and headphones and when the procedure begins, use music as a distraction.

Seek Professional Help

If all the above tips don’t work for you, we suggest getting psychological help. Psychologists are good at dealing with phobias, and maybe you can benefit from several sessions.

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