Children Can Be Affected by Dental Emergencies As Well

Children Can Be Affected by Dental Emergencies As Well

Jan 21, 2020

Children more than adults can fall prey to dental emergencies because they are forever involved in activities that can potentially cause injuries to their mouths. They may not be in a position to explain the injury clearly but will certainly display signs and symptoms to indicate something is wrong and needs attention as soon as possible. The child may complain about a toothache which could be because of a cavity or because of an accident he or she has suffered when playing. It could also be a broken or fractured tooth that may require attention from pediatric emergency dentists. It will be the responsibility of the parent to search for a dentist capable of dealing with dental emergencies for children within their locality.

A child that is complaining of a toothache because of a cavity could be doing so because he or she may not have had dental sealants earlier. However, visiting the dentist to care for the cavity will become essential for letting the child have a full set of teeth.

How Do Dentists Deal with Dental Emergencies?

Dentists care about the comfort of your child and want to ensure they remain pain-free. If your child is facing a dental emergency during or beyond office hours you can call pediatric dentistry in Taylor immediately. However, if you suspect an emergency needing immediate attention you can call 911 or visit an emergency room with your child without delays.

Dealing with Dental Emergencies During Office Hours

Pediatric emergency dentists have staff during office hours that are willing to respond to any questions and concerns and are happy to see the child as soon as possible. You just need to call the emergency number of the clinic and follow instructions provided on the telephone.

Managing Emergencies after Office Hours

Accidents can happen at any time of the day or night and usually tend to occur at night. In such cases, you can call the telephone number of the dentist and leave a voicemail for an on-call dentist. You can rest assured of receiving a call back within the hour. The process for dealing with emergencies remains the same throughout the week and even on weekends. The dental clinic recommends that you call them without hesitation at any time of the day or night.

Tips for Dental Situations That Are Urgent

Dental emergencies in children can vary from adults though the injuries are always in the mouth or to the teeth. Given below are some tips for dental situations that appear urgent:

Object Trapped between the Teeth

If your child has an object trapped between the teeth try to remove the same by using dental floss. Do not use metal, plastic or sharp tools to remove the trapped object. If you are unable to remove the object with dental floss call the emergency dentist right away.

Bitten Tongue, Lip or Cheek

These are common injuries with children that often bite their lips, cheeks or tongue. In such conditions, the bite should be cleaned gently with water and a cold compress applied firmly against the area to prevent or reduce swelling. Making a call to the dentist is suggested to determine the seriousness of the bite.

Knocked-out Tooth

If your child has knocked out a tooth or teeth it is important to preserve every tooth and take your child to the emergency dentist right away. The tooth must be maintained in moist condition after it has been gently rinsed with warm water without scrubbing the roots. Until you reach Dr. Jason Golnick the tooth should be In the mouth next to the cheek or a small container with milk. Attempt to reach Dr. Golnick in less than 30 minutes for the treatment to place the tooth back in the mouth.

Loose Tooth

A loose tooth is common with children who are regularly losing their baby teeth. Nevertheless, if the child’s tooth did not loosen without reason you should have a dentist examine the tooth and the next course of action. A loose tooth does not mean that the rest of the mouth is prepared for losing teeth. The permanent teeth may not be ready to erupt. In some cases, the loose tooth may need to be extracted but the procedure is better managed by a dentist rather than at home.

Children can face dental emergencies more frequently than adults and therefore having the number of Dr. Jason Golnick will prove helpful in most situations.

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