Common children’s tooth injuries that happen at home

Common children’s tooth injuries that happen at home

Aug 16, 2019

The most common of all problems that a child faces at home is a tooth injury. But preventing common dental injuries at home is quite easy. A list of some tooth injuries can be found here.

    • Broken tooth: Children running and playing around the house is an everyday sight. But when they fall on their face, the consequence is the breaking up of teeth. It would be quite painful for the child, hence, it is recommended to visit the dentist immediately.

The kid friendly environment at Golnick Paediatric Dentistry will assist your child in healing.

  • Prematurely lost baby tooth: This can happen when your child falls down from the stairs while playing with his friends. Losing tooth prematurely can cause trouble in getting it back again. So, go check up with your dentist so that he lets you know of the solution.
  • Displacement of teeth: Another frequent tooth injury occurring at homes is the dislocation of the child’s permanent teeth. Ask your child to put the tooth in its place as soon as possible. Dentists including those at Golnick Paediatric Dentistry say that it helps in implanting the tooth again.

It is not possible to stop your kids from moving around in the house. But it is definitely possible to plan well beforehand to ensure that your kid remains safe. There are a lot of ways to do so.

  • First of all, you can construct safer stairs at your home. It would mean building smaller steps and also tiny gates at the beginning and end points of the stairs. The accidents that occur through falling can then be controlled.
  • If you are fascinated by fireplaces, try to make it safe. Keep the fireplace equipment away from the sight of your kid. Also, cover it up in a manner that your child does not end up going to risky areas.
  • Also, construct your house keeping in mind that no bumpy surfaces are left so that your child never trips and breaks his teeth.

Safety of your child should be your first priority. As they are unable to decide for themselves, make sure you do that for them and safeguard their welfare.

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