Dental Hygiene for Babies

Dental Hygiene for Babies

Nov 01, 2020

Excellent oral hygiene is vital in preventing early childhood caries in children. Did you know that the most common chronic disease in young kids and is dental caries? Dental caries is a disorder that damages the teeth structure. This leads to cavities and tooth decay.

Although you can maintain great dental hygiene for your kid, regular visits to the dental expert is a must. This allows your little one to be more comfortable and have minimal fear as they get older. A regular visit to the dental professional also boosts dental health.

ADA recommends kids to see a dentist by their first birthday. Your dentist will offer teeth cleaning tips and the best products for your whole family. Furthermore, good oral health can be practiced at every stage of your development.

What is Oral Hygiene?

It is the practice of keeping the mouth healthy, clean, and sound by following good habits. This prevents decay and gum diseases.

Why Is Good Oral Health Pivotal for Kids?

Developing good oral habits is the first line of defense against halitosis, plaque, gum disease, and decay. Checkups on a regular basis and good habits can also prevent the need for costly dental work. Below are the vital reasons why it is essential for the children:

1. Plaque

Dental plaque is one of the primary causes of decay, mainly when the sugar comes in touch with the mouth bacteria. The excellent way to remove it from your little one’s mouth is to follow good hygiene habits.

It includes brushing two times a day and floss once daily. It’s best to use a soft small size tooth brush around the age of one or two. You can even add a small amount of paste that does not contain fluoride in it. Plaque is a white-colored substance that sticks to the teeth when food is combined with saliva and bacteria.

2. Tooth Decay

Decay might develop when the mouth of a baby is infected by the acid-causing bacteria. It initially occurs as white spots on the front teeth of your kid. It is tough to see without the proper equipment. A kid with decay needs examination and treatment early to stop decay spread and further destruction.

In case your kid is at high risk of cavities or other issues, the dentist applies topical fluoride even before the tooth erupts. This solidifies the enamel and removes the most common oral diseases of childhood i.e. dental caries.

Consult pediatric dentist 48180 if you spot any signs of decay in the teeth of your child. They specialize in treating children’s dental health and will advise you excellent tricks about proper oral care.

3. Gum Diseases

Gum disorder is an inflammation or infection of the gums near the teeth of kids. Remember, if your little one has unhealthy gums that are exposed to plaque and gingivitis, eliminating plaque build will prevent gum diseases.

4. Halitosis

Halitosis (or Bad Breath) in kids is a common worry amongst some patients. It is commonly caused by consuming stinky foods, poor dental hygiene, dehydration, or some medical conditions. If bad breath is left untreated in children, it can even cause serious damage and mental health diseases.

Halitosis is preventable and treatable by applying a series of measures. Keeping the teeth and gums healthy and clean will help you get rid of this. Thus, make sure you deeply brush your kid’s teeth for 2 minutes, do flossing and tongue scraping.

5. Mouth Safety

The safety of the kid’s mouth is an important part of dental hygiene. If your little one takes part in sports-related activities, they must consider wearing the best-quality mouthguard.

It is a plastic retainer that covers lips and teeth. This guards the mouth of your kid against severe injuries. It’s worth contacting the dentist near you for a custom mouthguard.

Contact Pediatric Dentist in Taylor, MI

Teaching your little one good oral hygiene from early-stage methods boost their oral and overall health. Good dental care in children starts before the first tooth of a baby appears. See your dentist right away if your kid:

  • Loses a permanent tooth
  • Has mouth infection or tooth pain

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