Holiday Treats Can Affect Your Smile When You Least Expect It

Holiday Treats Can Affect Your Smile When You Least Expect It

Feb 01, 2020

The winter holiday season is a time to visit family and friends to enjoy platters of cookies and other sweet desserts. Indulging your sweet tooth during the holiday season is justified as long as you continue to brush and floss after enjoying yourself. You wouldn’t want to discover one fine morning that your child is attempting to hide his or her smile because the sugary treats have caused an issue in the mouth. It is therefore recommended that you do not forget to pack your child’s toothbrush before embarking on the visits or trips.

Children are specifically indulgent during the holiday season when confronted with the plethora of sugary foods and beverages which can cause the bacteria in the mouth to convert the sugar into acids. Their oral health is affected by the acids which erode the enamel on the teeth. Further trouble is just around the corner because it can lead to other problems like tooth decay and gum disease. Before you realize it your mouth would be host to many problems encouraging you to begin writing tooth stories of how to avoid such problems.

How to Keep Children Away from Holiday Treats?

Keeping children away from Holiday treats will be similar to keeping Mickey Cohen away from crime in the open and the only way you can achieve this objective is to keep the children under lock and key. It would not only spoil the holiday environment but would also leave you with a disappointed child that would have been looking forward to all the holiday treats.

A better way to manage children during the holidays is to attempt to keep them away from certain foodstuff like chewy candies, carbonated drinks, processed cereals, biscuits, cakes, puddings that are loaded with sugar. Unfortunately, children can find ways to browbeat all the restrictions placed upon them to beat you at the game consistently. In such cases, it would be better for you to have a defense mechanism in your possession in the form of travel size dental kits to ensure that your child brushes and flosses frequently to remove food particles and debris from their mouths./

What Can Children Have If Not Sugary Foods?

Holiday treats are not just available in the form of sugary foods. Several tooth-friendly foods can also be found in abundance during the holiday season and children should be encouraged to have these foods rather than the sugary variety. Foods like gingerbread cookies, cheese, nuts, vegetables, cranberries, and Turkey are all healthy and can provide plenty of benefits to keep the child’s teeth healthy and strong. They still need to brush and floss after having these foods but thankfully will not be susceptible to the type of damages that can be created by sugary foods. Encouraging the children to enjoy themselves on these foods will prove beneficial as they can keep away the acid-producing bacteria and lessen the risk of tooth decay.

A Healthy Diet Is Key to a Healthy Smile

Having a healthy diet as recommended above will help children to get many types of vitamins, fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids, and sources that can prevent the formation of plaque. The buildup of plaque is a major problem for children that are often forgetful of brushing and flossing properly and can soon harden into tartar to create additional problems. Not only will the problems need treatment from a dentist but will also wipe away the smile off the face of the child. This is something you wouldn’t want to occur during the holiday season and therefore you must care for the child’s teeth without exceptions.

Actions to Take Immediately after the Holidays

If you’re not careful, the holidays can be difficult on your teeth and that of the child. No matter how well you tried to keep the child away from the harmful holiday treats you can be certain that he or she would have beaten you at the game and managed to have some or many without you knowing about it. The first thing you should do after the holidays is to take the child for a dental checkup to the pediatric dentistry in Taylor, MI, for an exam and cleanings. The dentist at the clinic will be able to determine whether any damages have occurred during the holidays and provide remedial treatment as needed for the child. The dental checkup will ensure your child can keep smiling even after the holidays if no problems are detected. At the same time, it would give you the satisfaction of knowing you had taken proper care of the child’s oral health.

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