Importance of Routine Dental Cleanings

Importance of Routine Dental Cleanings

Jun 01, 2020

When was the last time you talked to a dentist, let alone visited a dental facility? Isn’t it ironic how we profess the importance of excellent dental health but do very little to achieve it? The truth about Dental health is that it is a product of many small habits that work together to achieve the perfect results. If therefore you struggle with any part of your dental health, there must be something you aren’t quite doing right. Ever considered that maybe it has something to do with that trip to the dental office you dread so much?

More About Dental Visits

They are sessions scheduled between a patient and a dental expert, from which information about dental health is exchanged. These visits are bit only important to the dentists, but more so to the patient who is in the receiving end. It is an opportunity for a dental expert to share his/her expertise regarding your oral cavity.

Regular dental visits do not mean that you show up at your dentist’s every week. Instead, it is finding a practical period between 3-6 months that you can dedicate to your oral health. The question then remains whether these visits are important or even necessary. One of the main reasons why these visits are important is for deep cleans.

What Are Deep Cleans?

A deep clean is a term used to refer to professional teeth cleaning services. This is when a dentist or dental hygienist uses professional methods to brush, floss, and rinse your mouth. Usually, special toothpaste is used, along with an electric toothbrush to achieve fantastic results.

Your dentist doesn’t insist on seeing you every 6 months because they miss your company. Even as your friend, your dentist will insist on the 6-month or so deep cleans for some of the following reasons:

  • To boost your oral hygiene – it is great if you are disciplined on brushing twice every day and flossing daily. However, that is not nearly enough for excellence in oral hygiene. Parts of your mouth are hard to reach with regular teeth brushing and flossing techniques. A dental expert, though, has all the tools and experience in cleaning out hard-reach corners of the mouth. This will boost your oral hygiene, making all your in-between-cleans efforts worthwhile.
  • To remove bacteria and possible infection – sometimes, an infection will sneak up on you at the least expected moment. While it may take you a while to catch it, the dentist has a better shot at finding it during the regular dental cleans.
  • For preventive dental care – having your teeth cleaned every 6 months is not a luxurious event. If anything, it is a precautionary measure you take to ensure your teeth are always healthy. Think of it this way; if plaque never sits in your teeth too long, you may never have to deal with gum disease, bad breath, or even tooth decay. You will find this especially beneficial for children. Ideally, proper oral care for children should largely cover proper oral hygiene.
  • Nutritional counseling – the good thing about being in a dentist’s chair is that you do not have to leave the way you came in. This is not only regarding the dental works, but also the scope of knowledge. Dental experts have all the right information that would positively affect your oral health. When it comes to nutrition, for example, you have a chance to learn a thing or two about the right foods to indulge. Sometimes this may mean making a compromise and opting for low sugar dessert for the sake of your teeth and overall health.
  • To strengthen teeth – your teeth are much stronger when plaque and tartar are not compromising the enamel of your teeth. Besides, the deep cleaning procedure involves applying fluoride in your teeth. The fluoride adds an extra layer of protection on your teeth, covering them from cavities and dental decay. This makes your teeth stronger, all while reducing the risks of dental cavities and decay. Further, having that you are scheduled for the next deep clean in 6 months, you will always be ahead of your dental health with very slim chances of dental cavity.

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