Missing Teeth: Do I Need to Replace My Back Molar?

Missing Teeth: Do I Need to Replace My Back Molar?

Jan 03, 2019

Getting your back molar removed is a common procedure which is required due to trauma, decay, broken tooth, or gum disease. Once it is extracted, you may wonder if it needs replacement or not. Most people consider that it is not required to replace the missing tooth as back molars are not visible but according to dentists, it is important to replace them.

Why Should I Replace a Molar?

After getting your tooth extracted, there will be risk of many complications apart from impact on your smile. Your surrounding teeth will lack the required support. Additionally, lack of stimulation in the location leads the bone and surrounding structure to deteriorate. Gradually, remaining teeth will also lose support and begin shifting. Your teeth will become misaligned leading to decay, gum diseases, and falling out of other teeth. Though a missing tooth may look normal, it can become a cause of concern over the time. Once you have a missing molar, you need to choose a tooth replacement option before there is more damage.

Tooth Replacement Options

One of the most common types of option for replacing the back molar is a bridge or a dental crown. They both are found to be quite effective but they may have certain limitations also. You won’t have the same appearance or biting force that came with natural tooth. Plus, your surrounding teeth will be vulnerable to decaying requiring replacement bridge or crown in near future.

Thus, the perfect option for replacing back molars is dental implants. The benefit of dental implants is that they look as well as function as your natural teeth. They are a permanent solution for your lost molars. They also resolve the complications of the missing tooth and boost your oral health and improve the quality of life.

You can discuss with your dentist about the Tooth Replacement Procedure and how are dental implants placed. He can explain the details of the procedure, precautions to take before and after the procedure as well as the approximate cost of the procedure.

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