Prepping Your Child for their First Dentist Visit

Prepping Your Child for their First Dentist Visit

It happens so quickly…one minute they are a newborn and the next they are getting their first tooth and you need to make their first dentist’s appointment! How time flies!

The way you introduce the topic of the dentist to your kids is very important to help create a positive mental connection. Here are some helpful and fun ways to make their first visit smooth.

Give Some Notice

The more transparent you are with your child, the easier it can be. Instead of springing it on them at the last minute and bringing them to a new and different place, let them know a week or two beforehand that they are going to be going there. This offers time to let them ask any questions they have and to get used to it.

Share a Routine

By going to a family dentist, you can go to the same office as your kids! Before their first appointment, let them come with you to your appointment so that the office is familiar to them later on. Also, let them participate and watch you brush your teeth every night. Invite your child to be a part of your routine to get them comfortable.

Make It Fun

Explaining what happens at a dentist appointment can be tricky, but there are many children’s books available that handle that exact topic. The Berenstain Bear’s book is a popular go-to for many parents. After reading the book, it can be fun to pretend to be a dentist on a toy or a doll!

Don’t Wait

The earlier you begin the routine of visiting the dentist, the better. When kids get to an age where they are more free-thinking and independent, it can be trickier to introduce something new. But when they are just one-year-old, starting the routine is a lot easier.

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