Space Maintainers for Healthy and Beautiful Mouth

Space Maintainers for Healthy and Beautiful Mouth

Jun 01, 2021

Space maintainers are orthodontic pediatric devices that help to prevent malocclusions and overcrowding of the teeth. Learn more about these devices in our latest blog.

The primary teeth play a vital role in the overall development and health of the children. Primary teeth perform all the functions of permanent teeth, from smiling to talking and chewing the food. Teeth play a significant role in aesthetics, and poor oral hygiene can lead to premature teeth loss.

Modern dentistry has taken a giant leap in the last few decades with specialization in each field. Preventive dentistry focuses on proper oral hygiene to avoid dental ailments, while cosmetic dentistry aims to increase the aesthetic value of teeth and oral cavity.

Dental Space Maintainers

As the name suggests, the dental space maintainers are orthodontic appliances that find application in pediatric dentistry. The primary aim of these dental appliances is to prevent tooth loss among children. Dental space maintainers aim to prevent malocclusions and overcrowding of the teeth. They help to maintain adequate distance among adjacent teeth and provides a healthy oral cavity.

The pediatric dentist uses a space maintainer to ensure eruption and permanent teeth development in the correct alignment. They are essential when you have lost one or more primary molars due to dental trauma. If used properly, space maintainers can prevent movement of the first molas and avoid loss of space for the eruption of adjacent teeth.

Types of Space Maintainers

Depending on the teeth’s location and the patient’s need, the dentist decides on the type of space maintainer. Space maintainers are broadly divided into fixed and removable appliances. The fixed space maintainers are further divided into unilateral and bilateral.

#1: Fixed Unilateral Space Maintainer

These are used to maintain spaces on only one side of the mouth. The standard fixed unilateral space maintainers are:

Band and Loop Space Maintainer

The band and loop space maintainers are positioned on only one side of the mouth by dentists and are among the most commonly used space maintainers. The band and loop space maintainers are used in children when they lose their primary teeth or after their first molars are visible around the age 6 to 7.

Distal Shoe

The distal shoe is another type of unilateral space maintainer. These space maintainers are also applied to children when they reach the age of 6 to 7 and maintain spaces after the child loses primary second molars and before the first molar appearance.

#2: Fixed Bilateral Space Maintainers

Bilateral space maintainers are placed on either side of the mouth after the teeth are lost. The common types of fixed bilateral space maintainers include:

Transpalatal Arch

The Transpalatal arch is a bilateral space maintaining appliance applied on the upper jaws after teeth are lost on both sides to maintain space. The Transpalatal arch contains a 36-mil palatal wire extended above the roof of the mouth and connects molars on either side.

Lingual Holding Arch

The lingual holding arch connects two primary molars in either of the jaws. This orthodontic pediatric appliance creates spaces in the upper and lower dental arch, facilitating proper eruption of permanent molars.

Nance Arch

The Nance arch comprises an acrylic button that is placed on the roof of the oral cavity. Because of its unique feature, this space maintainer can only be used for the upper dental arch and prevents the molars’ misalignment.

#3: Removable Space Maintainers

After a child loses its temporary teeth, the removal space maintainers maintain space to develop permanent teeth. The primary difference from the customary space maintainers is that the removable ones have artificial teeth attached. Removable space maintainers are applicable when multiple teeth are missing and serves the function of a denture.

Benefits of Space maintainers

Space maintainers have multiple benefits.

  • Space maintainers procedure is non-invasive and painless.
  • Minimizes the uses of braces.
  • Encourages proper eruption of permanent teeth.
  • It keeps the teeth aligned.
  • Multiple options between fixed and movable space maintainers as per need.

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