Teaching Kids to Brush their Teeth

Teaching Kids to Brush their Teeth

When it comes to having the best oral health, it is important to learn proper dental care at an early age. At Golnick Pediatric Dental Associates we recommend parents start teaching their children about dental care even before they have teeth, this can get your child used to the idea and in a routine. So how do you teach kids to brush their teeth?

Practice What You Preach

When it comes to teaching kids anything, a good rule of thumb is to practice what you preach. They pay more attention than you probably think and aren’t going to be very disciplined when it comes to their dental care if their role model isn’t either. Make dental care a non-negotiable part of yours and your family’s daily routine.

Start Brushing Before Teeth Erupt

Many people think dental care shouldn’t start until your child has their first tooth and this is wrong. Practicing brushing the teeth with a soft rag can not only get your child used to the routine, it can also help stimulate blood flow to the gums and remove any bacteria that may be lingering on them.

Talk About Proper Dental Care

While helping your child with their dental care as they age, it is also important to educate them about how proper dental care is important. Teach them about decay and cavities, why healthy teeth are needed and how they help us eat our food. These conversations can help teach positive motivation when it comes to caring for their smiles.

Include the Family in Brushing

Along with some nice family bonding, practicing proper dental care together as your child ages will allow you to monitor their progress along with allowing them to mimic your dental care. Most children will have a fun time learning with you and getting to spend time getting ready.

Along with proper at-home dental care, professional dental visits are another essential part of optimal oral health. Looking for a dentist for your child? Contact Golnick Pediatric Dental Associates today! We’d be happy to schedule an appointment and look forward to helping your family with their smiles.

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