What to Do When Your Child Loses A Tooth

What to Do When Your Child Loses A Tooth

Feb 01, 2019

When the children are in their growing years, it is common for them to lose their baby teeth, but it is a matter of concern when they start losing their permanent teeth. Though you may not want to think about facing this situation ever, it’s important for you to have some information so that you can be prepared if at all you face any such situation.

Here’s a Look at Some Tips:

  • When Your Child Loses A Baby Tooth

The kids have a total of 20 teeth which help in eating and speaking. These teeth help the child’s mouth to prepare for the permanent teeth that will come later. The kids begin to lose teeth between the ages of 4 to 7. There is nothing to worry about when children lose teeth except for the fact that you need to take them to the dentist so that they can examine of there are any early signs of dental issues.

  • What To Do If There’s Bleeding After Losing A Baby Tooth
  • Make the child rinse their mouth with cold water
  • If the bleeding still continues, make them bite a piece of gauze or clean towel
  • Make sure the bleeding stops completely
  • Preparing Your Kids For Their Permanent Teeth

Once your child loses baby teeth, the permanent teeth will begin to erupt within few weeks. You must explain them about the significance and ways of maintaining proper oral hygiene. The permanent teeth are meant to last for a lifetime so they must take care of them. Set an example for them by yourself maintaining an oral care regime.

  • When Your Child Loses A Permanent Tooth
  • Avoid panicking and look for the broken tooth
  • Wash it with clean cold water but do not scrub
  • Place the teeth in a bowl of cold milk
  • Call a pediatric dentist near MI 48323 and immediately rush to him with the retrieved tooth.

Children may lose permanent teeth while playing sports or engaging in adventurous activity but you can be wise and patient during the crisis.

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