Why is Nerve Pain Worse at Night?

Why is Nerve Pain Worse at Night?

Has your child been complaining of tooth or jaw pain recently? What could easily be dismissed as a simple toothache could actually be something far more serious. Just like with adult teeth, primary (or baby teeth) are susceptible to cavities and decay. If the tooth decay penetrates deep into the nerve of the tooth, treatment is required. Golnick Pediatric Dentistry specializes in nerve treatment of primary teeth.

Treatment Options

If a tooth is abscessed or infected a pulpectomy may be required. This is a procedure that involves removing part or all of the nerve of the tooth. This method will eliminate the pain while saving the tooth. After a nerve treatment, the tooth will most likely need a stainless steel crown or cap to prevent further decay. A typical pulpectomy consists of the following four steps.

  • An opening is made in the enamel of the tooth.
  • The infection is then cleaned out.
  • A filling material is put in place.
  • The tooth is then capped with a crown.

Why Save Primary (Baby) Teeth?

Even though baby teeth are temporary and will eventually fall out, they serve an important purpose. These teeth hold space within the jaw for the incoming permanent teeth. If an untreated primary tooth is lost prematurely, his could then cause a variety of problems down the line such as un-erupted permanent teeth and tooth shift. Issues such as these can eventually lead to crooked teeth and or an over/underbite that will require orthodontic care.

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