Why You Need to Consider Solea Laser Therapy for Your Child during a Pediatric Visit

Why You Need to Consider Solea Laser Therapy for Your Child during a Pediatric Visit

Jul 01, 2020

Children fear to visit the dentistry, due to the presence of needles and other equipment. With advanced dental technology, your kid’s anxiety is lowered. Solea dental laser therapy is now utilized to replace drills, needles and scalpels during dental procedures. The technology doesn’t require sedation, and complications are minimal.

When you take your child for cavity treatment, the laser technology ensures no need for the use of anesthesia, and the procedures are done quickly and easily. No invasive needles are applicable to numb your kid’s tissues and wait for relaxation to take effect. It is a convenient process that saves time.

How Does Solea Therapy Work?

The procedure involves the use of a device on your child’s gums and teeth. A dental laser is then used to reshape or remove soft or hard tissues, including bone tissues. The procedure is applicable in handling periodontal treatment with efficiency.

This technology serves various processes once, without the need to utilize different tools for the same procedure on your kid. The pediatric dentist near you can handle your child’s treatment process with a one set of therapeutic system to fix all issues, and it’s applicable in:

  • Grafting of soft tissues
  • Reshaping your child’s gums
  • Treatment of periodontal infections through deep cleaning
  • Diagnosis of cold sores

Safety for your child is guaranteed, and all the anxiety is lowered during dental appointments. The technology is FDA-approved to treat various pediatric issues, including the removal of bacteria and infected tissues and restorations. It’s used for both hard and soft tissues.

Benefits of Using Solea Laser Technology

Laser technology doesn’t require sedation to alleviate pain, and below are some of its advantages:

  • Unlike traditional treatment approaches, it addresses all issues with an integrated state of the art device. It’s convenient for your child while addressing various procedures with minimum duration.
  • It’s non-invasive, and it’s comfortable since it doesn’t require sedation. The technology is ideal for your child since no pain is experienced.
  • There’s no need for dental anesthetics since lasers are painless procedures. Your kid will not have discomfort during a dental process.
  • Laser therapy seals your kid’s blood vessels and ensures bleeding is halted instantly. Your kid is less susceptible to infections since the healing is fast, and the procedure is precisely performed.
  • Less time is spent during the dental visit since lasers are easy to treat multiple procedures once.
  • It stimulates recovery since it handles the affected area without tampering with the adjacent tissues on your child’s mouth.

With the non-invasive radiations, your dentist handles the procedures fast, since your child will not feel pain. It’s optimally used to manage most dental processes, and it’s child-friendly. Your child doesn’t have to be referred to another specialist for tissue surgery.

Laser dental filling is easily handled after deep cleaning. Solea therapy is discomfort-free and blood-free, for your kid’s delicate tissues. It will help if you take you, child, to a Solea laser dentist.

Use of Solea Laser Technology at West Bloomfield Township, Michigan

At Golnick Pediatric Dentistry, we handle pediatric growth of tissues and ensure the oral health of your child is maintained. All our procedures are done in a relaxed environment, and your child’s anxiety is lessened.

Our exceptional team focuses on the experience of your child to provide a friendly environment for treatment.

We are committed to delivering technology-based treatment to avoid discomforts. Solea laser technology has enabled us to streamline the procedure for your child effectively and safely.

We provide quality treatment aimed at the overall wellness of your child’s oral health. Solea technology is a precise, anesthesia-free method. It enhances efficiency since we have minimized the use of sedation dentistry to keep your child’s tissues numb before initiating a dental procedure. The technique is taking less time for both hard and soft tissues.

Having the device has empowered our practitioners to offer you an ultimate dental procedure with no bleeding. At our dentistry, we encourage you to preserve your dental tissues by ensuring you follow your entire dentist’s guidance.

We delight in offering you dental procedures with the help of Solea laser technique. It has enabled our experienced pediatric dentists to address your child’s dental issues with more comfort with an extensive treatment in a short time, unlike traditionally. Make an appointment for your child today for effective treatment.

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